WordImage/ImageWord Conference @:

Professional Work

Recently I began a research collaboration with artist, colleague and friend Yana Sakellion, to explore our personal notions of the role writing plays within creative practice. With writing playing a large part in both of our creative processes, we have long discussed pulling some of our ideas together in a research paper.

Coincidentally, the theme for the School for Visual Arts (SVA) 26th Annual Conference on Liberal Arts and The Education of Artists is none other than: WORDIMAGE/IMAGEWORD

The SVA website stated this conference will:

“…provide a forum to discuss the dialogues and encounters between words and images, historically and culturally from ancient to modern times.”

So we pulled together a proposal and submitted it! That proposal has since been ACCEPTED, so Yana and I will be traveling to NYC in October, to give a twenty minute presentation on our paper entitled: Looking Through Words: Writing As A Guiding Thread in Creative Practice