The Bellows March

Production Development

Professional Work

The Bellows March was at one time a pilot initiative between UMBC visual arts faculty Eric Dyer and the Imaging Research Center. The goal was develop a production pipeline that would successfully allow Dyer and his production assistants to build animated sculptures in 3D space with the goal of physically printing them by utilizing rapid prototyping technology. I partnered directly with Dyer to develop the specific techniques and overall production design. The goal was to produce one of these kinetic sculptures or “cinetropes” as a proof of concept. The clip here showcases an excerpt from his finished film, The Bellows March, that include animation that I designed. I also developed the unique character rigging for the interesting concertina character central to the film. Additional information can be found here.

Personal Contribution

-Technical Direction

Technical Expertise

  • Animation Software

    • Maya

Skills and Abilities

  • 2D/3D Animation

    • 3D Animation
    • 3D Printing Pre-Production
    • Character Animation
    • Rigging
  • Management, Education and Research

    • Curriculum Development
    • Program Development