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To revise content and UX flows for several e-learning modules for the Electrical Training Alliance. Work with regard to curriculum on the Metric system is shown here.


As a UX designer and educator, I facilitated resolving issues between the course content, interactive functionality and user experience. My goal was to provide streamlined UX flows to the dev and graphics teams that gave clear indications of what needed to be produced, and to put those assets in better alignment with the development pipelines already in place for the multimedia team. The images below show my final revised UX flow examples on the left, with the final implementation by the dev/graphics team on the right.

ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (1)jobinfo_03ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (2)jobinfo_04ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (3)jobinfo_05ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (4)jobinfo_06ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (5)jobinfo_08ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (6)jobinfo_11ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (7)jobinfo_13ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (8)jobinfo_15ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (9)jobinfo_18ETA_JobInfo_SmallwoodUXUIRevision (11)jobinfo_19