ETA – Blueprints

Design | UX


To revise UX flow and production requirements for 3D e-learning interactive designed to help apprentices understand the foundational role blueprints play in designing and planning electrical systems.


I was brought on to the project to evaluate the existing UX flow, and to strengthen the relationship between the functionality of the individual modules and the overall user experience. The core challenge here was finding a better way to unite the delivery of course content with the exploration of a fully 3D environment.


After a quick content audit of the current flow, I augmented the existing product requirements to add utility to the 3D interactive and revised the production pipeline to simplify development. Key to these achievements were:
  • Repurposing 3D model as interactive progress meter
  • Uniting progress between 3D model and Blueprint view
  • Implementing a scrollable, image-based UI to deliver layered content within course modules
  • Gating access to interactive elements until users complete individual modules

ETA - Blueprints Interactive_UXReqsETA - Blueprints_UXFlow


To facilitate communication between the graphics and development teams, I produced a prototype for the scrollable UI in Codepen.