ART 484 – Facial Loop Geo Revisited

Professional Work

In an effort to clarify my method for easily creating proper facial geometry, I produced the following gallery of images. By following this guide, your model should end up with the core facial loops necessary for facial animation later on. Creating geometry for areas such as the nose, ears, and hairline are not included in this tutorial, as these regions are more subjective, and not as pivotal in establishing the core facial geometry needed for animation. By modeling these technical details into the face early in production, artists can focus on the aesthetic aspects of design such as proportion and characterization, knowing they will be able to successfully animate later on.

Art 484 – Core Facial Loop Reference

Professional Work

This semester I am trying something new in both of the 3D animation courses offered by UMBC. Instead of doing a series of smaller projects, I am trying to organize each course around one semester long project, with the hopes that they will all have a chance to leave with a portfolio piece. The only trouble with this approach is that:

A) The course must move quick to cover all necessary topics.

B) Mistakes early will compound as the semester goes on.

To that end I am doing what I can to facilitate learning some of the more advanced techniques in the simplest ways possible. For my Advanced 3D course, I made the following reference video to help students understand the importance of core edge loop construction in regards to facial animation. Let’s hope it works.

WordImage/ImageWord Conference @:

Professional Work

Recently I began a research collaboration with artist, colleague and friend Yana Sakellion, to explore our personal notions of the role writing plays within creative practice. With writing playing a large part in both of our creative processes, we have long discussed pulling some of our ideas together in a research paper.

Coincidentally, the theme for the School for Visual Arts (SVA) 26th Annual Conference on Liberal Arts and The Education of Artists is none other than: WORDIMAGE/IMAGEWORD

The SVA website stated this conference will:

“…provide a forum to discuss the dialogues and encounters between words and images, historically and culturally from ancient to modern times.”

So we pulled together a proposal and submitted it! That proposal has since been ACCEPTED, so Yana and I will be traveling to NYC in October, to give a twenty minute presentation on our paper entitled: Looking Through Words: Writing As A Guiding Thread in Creative Practice

Asst. Professor of Animation and Interactive Media @ UMBC

Professional Work

I am ecstatic and proud to say I have been awarded a tenure track Assistant Professorship in Animation and Interactive media in the Visual Arts department @ UMBC! The above picture is about as close as I could get to capturing the expression on my face when opening the offer letter. This is a fantastic opportunity, so for once I’m looking forward to change!