Professional Work | Sound Design | Videography

WhoWeAm is an online blog and research project, developed by the Imaging Research Center, that focuses on better understanding human behavior through aggregating contemporary scientific data along with documentary film making. It seeks to find common threads between our best scientific understanding and the reflected thoughts of individuals. There has been many iterations of this project over the last few years, and I have contributed to various aspects of production including media research, creative direction, 2D animation/compositing and most recently as a cameraman and lead editor. Some of the films I have edited are shown here, but additional media may be found at whoweam.com.

Technical Expertise

  • A/V Software

    • Final Cut Studio
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    • After Effects
    • Media Encoder
    • Photoshop
    • Premiere

Skills and Abilities

  • A/V

    • Audio Pre and Post Production
    • Camera Operation
    • DSLR Photography
    • Live Video Production
    • Video Pre and Post Production
  • FX & Compositing

    • Color Correction
    • Motion Graphics
    • Motion Tracking