Exhibition | Fine Art

Trace is a video installation focusing on the technological mediation of experience. Viewers watch fractured imagery of a child flying a kite from across the gallery, while tethered to prerecorded audio of automated phone operators through headphones strung from above. The cyclical fragmentation and reunification of the image acts as a metaphor of perception and memory, which is disrupted and obscured by synthetic voices. The auditory cadence produces a sense of discontinuity and distance that mimics the viewers physical relation to the screen, suspending them between visible notions of tangible experience and mediating quality of ethereal technology.


  • Abduct Cycle 01010, West North Studio, Baltimore2008

© Eric Smallwood 2007

Technical Expertise

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    • After Effects

Skills and Abilities

  • A/V

    • Video Pre and Post Production
  • FX & Compositing

    • Color Correction