Of Me For You

Exhibition | Fine Art | Sound Design | Videography

Of Me For You is a series of video monologues focusing on the boundary between public actions and private thoughts being experienced and reflected upon by the on screen persona. The framed lens not only acts as a visual metaphor for the split between experiential awareness and reflected thought of the persona in the video, but also as symbolic boundary between what is kept private and what is shared within the confines of the enclosure. From the outside, the semi-transparent walls of the enclosure mimic these themes by acting as a boundary and filter for what occurs within.


  • MFA Imaging and Digital Arts Thesis Exhibition, UMBC2010

© Eric Smallwood 2008

Technical Expertise

  • A/V Software

    • Final Cut Studio
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    • After Effects

Skills and Abilities

  • A/V

    • Audio Pre and Post Production
    • Camera Operation
    • Video Pre and Post Production